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'Destination Unknown' - Agatha Christie

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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 02:11 pm
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posted by: creamsodaangel in tikitealog

BOOK: Destination Unknown
AUTHOR: Agatha Christie
PAGES: 191
GENRE: Mystery

"Hilary Craven had finished with life. . . So when she was invited to go to Morocco to impersonate the dead wife of a vanished nuclear scientist, she decided it might make a more interesting form of suicide than sleeping pills. She found herself caught up in a unique organisation which arranged the escape of scientific geniuses to a Destination Unknown. . ."

I've read a lot of Agatha Christie books, and this is definately one of her better novels. I will say that the beginning does start off slowly, but once I hit the second chapter it got going well.

This is definately a different way to go about a spy novel. You don't have your trained, suave, sophisticated, spy who stays calm in any situation. The character is a person who has had it with life, nows nothing about espionage, and still manages to come across as a completely different person. And despite her success in being a different woman, the reader is treated to the tension and panic that she's feeling as she goes on her journey.

One thing I didn't like was the way her relationship with one character progressed. While I was happy with the outcome, the progression from meeting to the end result bothered me. Yes, they ended up spending numerous months (I think it ended up to be six), but I really didn't see any progression from friends. (Don't want to spoil it).

That aside, this is diffinately a good novel to read. :)

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