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'Short & Tall Tales: Moose County Legends' - Lilian Jackson Braun

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Sep. 26th, 2006 | 04:50 pm
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posted by: creamsodaangel in tikitealog

BOOK: Short & Tall Tales: Moose County Legends
AUTHOR: Lilian Jackson Braun
PAGES: 176
GENRE: Fiction

When Jim Qwilleran retired to Moose County (400 miles north of everywhere) with his old electric typewriter and his box of yellow lead pencils, he intedned to write a book -- a novel of crime and investigation with a metropolitan setting. He never finished the first page! Instead, he listened to the folktales of local people. As a journalist, Qwilleran was a good listener. He never left home without a tape recorder in his pocket.

As desccendants of the pioneers told stories that had been handed down for generations, Qwilleran was recording a collection of Moose County legends worth publishing. He added some historic facts, stranger than fiction, gleaned from county archives.

Now Qwilleran has his book! He titled it Short & Tall Tales. Most of the stories were short. Some may have been embellished with retelling through the years. Qwilleran's infromants swore they were true -- even though some had a supernatural twist that left one wondering....And one of them was strictly a "tall tale"!

This was a really cute book. Contained within are the short tales that Jim Qwilleran, from Lilian Jackson Braun's Cat Who... series, writes for the paper he works for. This is a very simple read, one that someone can pick up and go through in a half hour, of amusing tales to leave a grin on your face. It's very simple to read, and is recommended if you've had a hard day and need a quick chuckle.


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